24 January 2008

Caught My Eye

First post of the not so new year. I don't have much of an excuse except that I am currently studying abroad in France! :)

I just wanted to share this little find. I am in Lyon and here we have this place called Bellecour. It is a square with a statue of Napoleon and a giant ferris wheel. Off the streets of Bellecour you will find a great shopping district, sort of like New York City's SoHo. I passed this little shop and couldn't help but snap a photo.

Isn't it tres chic? I love the style and it has all the right pieces. Sia is a home 'fashion' store as they say on their website. And it seems that they have locations all over the world so I'll be in luck whenever I buy my first place. I am so happy I took a picture when I did because I went there just a couple days later and the window was different! After looking at all of their collections, I can't find many things I don't like. I could probably buy the whole store. It's that beautiful! I am IN love! So much so, that I would kill to work for a company that makes such fabulous products!