11 April 2008

Saint Veran

On a recent trip to the Beaujolais, a wine producing region in Burgundy, our group took a tour of the famous Georges DuBoeuf winery. We were able to taste a couple of different wines and the first was Saint Veran. It has a medium body and has notes of apple and pear. Saint Veran is made with Chardonnay and comes from the Maconnais region which is known for growing these kinds of white grapes.

I am not an avid wine drinker but I have been trying to acquire a taste for wine while studying here in France. I can drink any wine but I don't always enjoy it. This was one that I really enjoyed from start to finish. The texture and flavor were just a delight. Lucky for me, they sell Georges DuBoeuf in the States! I can't wait to find some and share it with everyone!