23 April 2009

The Death of a Camera

Remember how I needed a new camera after my vacation to Jamaica? Well, I got one.

The Nikon S220 in Plum. I had issues at the store because I thought the screen looked grainy and the sales people at Best Buy assured me that it wouldn't be like that when I viewed it on the computer. In some cases, they were right but for me that's just not good enough. The Nikon S220 also has this tendency to make everything seem yellowy which I can't stand and no setting you change it to makes any bit of a difference. Add the fact that the screen totally died because of some 'pressure point'. Lame. So now it's being sent off to be fixed, luckily covered by insurance, but now I can't even exchange the model for a different one. I think that is total poop! I was so mad at Best Buy and the clerk handling my damaged camera.

I was contemplating whether or not I should spend the money on this expensive Canon that I wanted. It was at least $100 more and I would be losing money from the insurance and having to pay for another memory card. I thought about it for a while. Then, this past weekend, a friend let me play photographer with his camera that he never remembers to bring out. I had a blast all night taking photos as if it were my own. I loved the large screen and the turn wheel playback. It also had a sliding cover just like my last camera. I looked online for the camera and found that the 10MP version of this camera is going at a decent price. The pink was the cheapest. So cute! I couldn't pass up on an offer like this so even though I don't know what I'll do with the poopy Nikon, I got it anyway. So bad. Oh well. Here she is, Fujifilm's Finepix Z200.
Love it! :)

20 April 2009

Make Me A Dress!

I'm in love. I was visiting my daily read Weddingbee, when I came across this amazing dressmaker and etsyseller, Sarah Seven.

(Photo source: Beaus and Arrows)

Her designs are feminine and whimsical and I love her waistlines. I've found that when you wear a dress fitted through the natural waist, it's extremely flattering even for someone my height at 5'3". Although it takes a bit of getting used to since I find that it restricts my diaphragm a bit. You can see more of her designs on her blog at Beaus and Arrows.