04 September 2010

Video Games

While the boys play SC2, I finally have time to blog...

Let me just say, I love love love working at home. While it may not be the most efficient way of getting your work done, you actually have time to do things like laundry, cook & clean. (I know, when did I ever start being domestic... and liking it??) I cannot believee it is September already! Time begins to fly when you work full time. Sighs. A few things I stumbled upon today that I just love...

  • The ladies of joielala have a wonderfully dreamy photographic style & what a pretty and whimsical name.
  • I barely allow myself to buy anything these days, especially with a ridiculously high sales tax here in California... and I try really hard not to look at anything that I might want for this specific reason... I neeed this.
  • I even had time to YouTube today! I had heard about this little songbird before and thought whatever another YouTube sensation but she is really good! Such a full bodied voice that's naturally beautiful. Loves.

This is kind of random but it's part of my Google searching lately. We watch a lot of Cupcake Wars in our apartment and I've been thinking of challenging Best to a cupcake war. I have been searching for a Red Velvet Cheesecake cupcake recipe! One of our good friends is a big fan of the Cheesecake Factory version much like this one. But it's not good for a cupcake. This might work in the shape of cupcakes and I'm a little skeptical about the one on this site because I don't want the batters to marble. But hmm... wonder when I'll have time for this idea.