24 July 2008

Haute Joaillerie

I know I haven't been posting much lately. I've been uber introspective so I've posting private on xanger. :P But I came across this today. I'm really not sure how but hot damn, I fell in love before I could even exhale!

Take a look at this beauty! What I love most is not the size of the diamond but rather the cut and setting of the ring. The attention to detail in the prongs is absolutely to die for. Drool away ladies!

I was telling a friend that I would never wear this big of a rock for the fear of being too heavy on my hand and getting robbed. It probably looks better in the picture than in real life anyway. Hehe.

This Chopard ring is from the "Haute Joaillerie" collection and features an extraordinary 31 carat "D" color, "IF" Ashoka cut diamond.

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