31 January 2009

Farewell Domino

I blame the economy for this. If I ever had my own magazine it would look and read just like Domino. I was even looking to get an internship with them. Such a shame it had to be this one. Conde Nast couldn't pick any other magazine to stop publishing? Hmmph.

25 January 2009

Te Quiero

20 January 2009

Moi, Je Joue

Prettiest Commercial Ever.

13 January 2009

More to Life, More to Love

I have been finding life to be seemingly disappointing and all the while, I have been losing bits and pieces of myself. I lose my sense of direction and I can't tell where to put the ambition that I have in my heart. Either way, time to post up something that I am looking forward to!

Roxy Silhouette Snowboard

And I LOVE these too! Roxy Torah Goggles! White or Black?

Snowboarding is pretty tough your first time. You are on your butt the entire way down the mountain and you can't move for the next few days. But once you find your bearings and you start flying down the mountain, you just can't get enough.