27 January 2010

Top 10 in 2010

Hello blog world! It's a late start to my year (I can't believe it's almost February!) but I thought it would be fun to do a Top 10 series being that it's 2010. Corny, probably. But hey, it's something new to try. Plus, I'm not good at favorites so being able to choose the 10 things I like is the next best thing!

{I couldn't decide which blog to post this on... so it's on both! :P}

Thought I would kick things off with my Top 10 favorite moments of 2009!

10. After I graduated last May, I was lucky enough to have the chance to travel a bit. My favorite part about traveling isn't always the sightseeing. I don't like doing things that are cliche and even worse I'm not a fan of crowds of tourists. What I do love, is eating where the locals eat, walking around doing things that locals do and discovering something I never expected. I was definitely well taken care of in Seoul and loved every minute being in my motherland. One of my favorite moments was finding Ssamziegil. The cutest little shops with a couple of the sweetest girls I know.

9. In addition to Korea, I also spent about 3 weeks in Shanghai. Room moved there to be with A and I got to help her adjust and visit my girls R & P at the same time. We ate yummy & cheap and saw a lot of great sites. But there's something about kicking back and just hanging out with my girls that I just love. Sometimes the greatest things are the things unplanned. We were in a dingy and probably very dirty dormitory but a couple of cheap pijiu's and we were good to go. Nothing beats qt and laughs with my girls.

8. Okay, so maybe I traveled a LOT more than I had planned in 2009. Much of my time was spent with my newest little sis, a charter from the University of Texas. To get to know her better, I went and visited her in Austin. We got down and dirty and they treated us to the greasiest, most delicious food you can find in the South. We had a blast with them! Poor litto was on her detox diet, but Rudy's was a must and she was a trooper as she sat by and watched us all eat.

7. Last winter was my first time trying snowboarding. It was a bit of a painful experience but nonetheless absolutely exhilarating. It's the kind of pain that you know is worth it. To be speeding down the hills and to feel the fresh cool air hit your face, it was something I knew I would keep trying and grow to love. This particular time was at Camel Back during one of my better runs. We stayed on the green trails but went up high as the sun set. I made it down feeling good and catching a beautiful view.

6. I have always wanted to visit California and I've really been wanting to move there for the longest time. We have a couple of friends in San Francisco so there was no doubt that we would visit the first chance we got. It was the quickest, most eventful, inside joke happy, craziest sightseeing packed two days ever. While I can barely remember every single thing we saw or did, I remember every moment we laughed with each other and I know it's because I was with the best company you could ask for.

5. While there are just so many days and hours that S & I spent together this past year, each moment, though trying and exhausting at times, brings us closer and closer together. I will always cherish our culinary endeavors, playing titanic, karaoke nights, chicken & beer with best friends, discovering Georgetown, endless days and nights driving everywhere... she's my other half. ♥ you S!

4. Things don't always go as you might expect and I definitely didn't expect to meet (or be with) someone like him. He was a refreshing breath of air and I felt much happiness in getting to know him and spending time with him. We didn't make it into the new year like I might have hoped. If things were different, then perhaps we could be different. It could be for the best or maybe not but either way we remain there in each others' lives. And I always said that we weren't perfect but that might have been what I liked most about us. Such a handsome and sensible guy, he was my guy and a big part of my 2009.

3. Ever since I saw photos from a wedding that Tony shot in Jamaica, I had been dying to go. It was the perfect destination for our senior year spring break, a great way to celebrate the end of our college years. We got plenty of warm sun and R&R and made sure to take advantage of the inclusive all you can eat and drink portion of our package. I was happiest when we finally got to take a tour of the Rockhouse Hotel, which is where we saw breathtaking sights from the cliffs of Negril. And remembering the pictures where I first laid eyes on these gorgeous views, it was even better than I had imagined.

2. I spent a lot of 2009 in the sunny state of Florida. My little brother moved down there for school and of course I had to fulfill my big sister duties and help him get acquainted. I have some of the prettiest and happiest friends I know down in Orlando so I was excited to get so much quality time in with them making sure that R felt comfortable and had people to turn to. But the best part about Florida was making the trip down with R & my best friend P. It wasn't the most exciting roadtrip ever but we had our share of laughs and silly moments. The most important part was that I was with two people that I love unconditionally. I know that it will be hard to find time with them like that again. They mean the world to me and I honestly don't know what I would do without them.

1. Many of the moments in this list are post-graduation moments. It hasn't been an easy road for me since I graduated from Northeastern even with all the traveling and fun I've had. Growing up and figuring out what I will be doing in life hasn't been as simple as I once thought. It's been a challenge to start a career and my motivation has faltered more times than someone with my ambition is supposed to. But I have hope that this year will bring clarity and reassurance. And although I always thought of college as a very normal and expected step in my life, what I didn't expect was the gratification of finishing school and getting a degree. I was overjoyed in the last days of class and finals. Feelings of relief and fulfillment kept a smile on my face, a constant happiness that I hadn't known for so long. It was bittersweet and things since then haven't been the same but it's what's to come that keeps me going each and every day.

Note to self: Do not include less than + 3 signs in blog posts and attempt to edit your html. *Smacks forehead* Anyway, I didn't think it would be a difficult post but narrowing down an entire 365 days to just 10 moments is a lot harder than you would think. I was even thinking about doing a two part best moments post, one for more sentimental events and then the crazy fun memories. In most cases, you can see what made each of these memories so special are the people that helped to make them happen. But along the way, I've come up with a few more ideas for future posts so keep a look out for those!

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