01 February 2008

The Sweetest Kiss

I discovered Laduree, a 'luxury' patisserie, while reading one of my favorite blogs Weddingbee a long time ago. I tried to remember to find this place when I got to France but of course I forgot. Lucky for me, I was reminded with plenty of time to still look!

The Laduree family is known for having founded the first tearoom which was established during a time when women were banned from cafes. It is absolutely adorable and you can tell it was made for women. Laduree is famous for their unique flavored macaroons!

The baby soft color of the Rosanis flavor caught my eye and I found this picture on this very sexy and chic French blog, Une Vie de Reve, "A Dream Life".

I would really love to go for petit dejeuner "breakfast" and get Le Pain Perdu Tiede Laduree "French Toast" et lait chaud "and hot milk"! Then I could finish off with a Baiser "Kiss": moist coconut sponge, compote of exotic fruit, raspberries, light vanilla cream filling... Tell me that doesn't sound amazing!


Miss W. Yvonne said...

ps! you and your sweet tooth! i discovered a creperie/french bakery on E. 76th street called Lady M Cake Boutique. let's check it out when you get back! <3

bdang said...

hello! cute blog! ahh i'm still so jealous. it seems like you're experiencing something totally different than what Australia had to offer. so much more elegant and cutsey.

keep having a blast. this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!