19 August 2008

August Restaurant Review

Spice Market [Meatpacking District, NYC] 08.08
Ordered: Tasting Menu, Lychee-Raspberry Bellini, Orchid Oolong Tea
Review: My first taste of the renowned Jean-Georges. Great Ambiance. Loved the exotic feel. Good timing in serving each dish. The tea is served by the pot so it's good for sharing. Overall fun experience.
Must Try: Shrimp Tod Mun Pla, Ginger Fried Rice, Ovaltine Kulfi for Dessert

Hill Country BBQ & Market [Midtown, NYC] 08.09
Ordered: 1/4 lb Brisket Moist, Small Mac & Cheese, Small Green Bean Casserole
Review: Fun, Western cowboy atmosphere. You go up to each counter and order your own meat and sides. The meat was delish! Not a good idea to go in a dress.

Rayuela [Lower East Side, NYC] 08.10
Ordered: Benedict a LaMaga
Review: Earthy and chic. A yummy brunch! I ate every bite!

Toro [South End, Boston] 08.14
Ordered: 1 order of pinchos per person, 8 tapas dishes for 3 people
Review: Easy-going vibe with cozy decor. Communal tables. Good amount of food.

Terramia [North End, Boston] 08.18
Ordered: Soup, Crostata, Pork Tenderloin + a glass of Pinot Grigio
Review: Cozy and comfortable. The service is very nice. The hummus in old that comes with the bread is very good. Decent food and for my first time in the North End -- a cute and quaint experience. I'll definitely have to visit the area again.

Mike's Pastry [North End, Boston] 08.18
Ordered: 2 chocolate chip cannolis and 2 eclairs
Review: Very large pastries and very rich. A bit touristy. I was done after two bites but I've never had a big sweet tooth. Def not bad. I think I'm just biased and I miss my French pastries.

Aquitane [South End, Boston] 08.24
Ordered:Brioche French toast, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Blueberries & Crème Fraîche
An upscale yet cozy French eatery, perfect for a Sunday brunch. The service is proper and the food in the right portions. Not too sweet or too rich. A classy find.

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