02 May 2009

The Death of a Camera, Part II

Best Buy really stinks. The day after I order my pink Fujifilm, I get a call that my Nikon has been sent back and check this out, I got approved for an effin exchange! ARGH! Since I could only exchange it for a camera in store and they didn't have my Fujifilm, I had to choose yet another. It was cheaper than buying the 2nd camera all together. I did have to buy insurance again. And now, I'll have to return the Buy.com camera. I got to use my new Samsung for graduation and I have to say I really like it. It's not a fun color, more simple... the way Room likes it. But I also am starting to think it's classy and like the way it works. So here's to my new Samsung TL100. Please be good to me. And check out Samsung's microsite for this camera, my favorite story is Lisa's.

1 comment:

SK said...

haha oh sarah your camera debacles are fun to read about but it must have been such a pain on your end!! i'm glad you are finally settled with a camera you like :)

i personally really like the black!!