16 March 2010

A Girl's Girl

Women's Wear Daily quoted Victoria Beckham saying,

"I'm an open book. I don't mind what anyone asks me. I'm a real girl's girl."

While I totally agree, that I aspire to embody all things womanly--a classic style, poise, & charm--I will be the first to say that I'm not that girly. I love girly things like fashion, manicures, shoes... but I just never learned about those things early on. I can't put up my own hair or do my make up beyond eyeliner and mascara. Much like how I love food and cannot cook for my life.

So like any girl, I love being pampered. Shortly after I chopped off all my hair, I visited the Nars counter at Saks. It was part of my resolution for this year to create a new look for myself, especially since I was moving to California. I explained to Victor that I was a real novice when it came to cosmetics and as I attemped to answer his questions about what I like to use or what kind of look I wanted, I was relieved when he finally got the hint that I really didn't know what was good for me. He picked out colors that I would never choose myself and patiently taught me how to take a look from day to night. I was amazed that even I could pull off a smokey eye! Make up really does wonders! He wrote down everything he used and drew a diagram of where to use what.

I even asked him to jot down the tools he used because I thought they really made a difference. While Victor didn't push me to buy any of these fancy things (he knew I had just come looking for a new eye shadow, and plus he wanted me to perfect using that first), I wanted remember the exact brushes so that I could get them whenever I was ready. As I mentioned in my last post, he used a flat liner brush and a domed smudge brush. I know that Nars isn't cheap but being that I'm unemployed and until I'm really making bank, I don't plan on shelling out almost $60 for two make up brushes.

So I began a search for some more affordable brushes. I turned to Sephora, of course, and found these two at basically half the price. Not bad. But then! I found this!

Sephora Double-Ended Smokey Eye Brush $18

For just a few bucks more I could have both brushes in one! The liner end might be angled but it's okay, the brushes are purple! I was excited about my find and had to share!


Jane said...

GREAT find.. i've been looking to invest in a flat liner brush and nothing really beats a 2-in-1. yay!

Jennifer Feisty Hood Lum said...

make-up noob! *high-five*

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