22 June 2010

10 Things I Can't Wait To Do in SF! Part II

Just wanted to do an update on this... make sure I'm putting enough time into my personal goals. I totally didn't even notice that I numbered this wrong the first time. And, note to self: take more pictures!!

10. Go to the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building and pick up some fresh flowers & baguettes! I'm actually dying to go to the Fresh Flower Market!
9. Replacing That Takes the Cake with a trip to Carmel by the Sea in Monterey! It looks dreamy!
8. Binge on an In-N-Out Burger! Animal style! Nom nom! Nom nom indeed when B came to visit 05.12
7. Hunt for the yummiest egg tart and pork buns in San Francisco's Chinatown! Must make an attempt #2!
6. Stroll across the Golden Gate Bridge. :)
5. Find a pilates class or a tennis court so I can stay fit! I found the perfect workout! Now I just have to get myself to go! :P [still not accomplised, bleh]
4. Take a class at the Culinary Institute in Napa. Mmm!
3. Create some DIY art for my future apartment. [can't wait to show you this upcoming DIY! withheld it from my design inspiration series & keeping it a surprise hehe]
2. I still haven't ridden a cable car yet! Got to do this with Little! ♥ 05.04
1. Spend a day at the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. Done! With my other half & Kx2 over Memorial Day weekend!

Bonus: Maybe try learning some samba or rhumba! Totally not realistic but I can dream. :)

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