06 September 2007

One Day but Not Today!

I think I made this label just because I wanted to share these finds. I was walking down into the subway at 59th and 5th when I saw this bright pink magazine in the newstand. I walked over and saw this adorable magazine! Baby Couture magazine with a Hottest Celebrity Dads article and stylish spreads of children's fashions. Not your typical Parenting magazine. I wasn't going to be silly and buy the magazine. What would my mom think with me bringing home a baby magazine?! Wedding magazines she can tolerate... but I don't think I want to push it any further.

I noted the website written on the cover and discovered that they have a blog! (Who doesn't these days?) And that's when I found these!! Whimsical little pettiskirts for girls by Kaiya Eve Couture. I know I had my share of days prancing around in tutu outfits, I took ballet classes for years. One day, when I have a little mini-me skipping across my yard, she'll definitely be sporting one of these Kaiya Eve pettiskirts!

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