27 March 2008

Beauty Review!

So after a bad experience getting a manicure in France, I was left to fix the mess on my own. I stopped by Sephora on the way home from the salon... Yeah, it was THAT bad. I'm not good at doing my nails... or anything girly actually... like hair and make-up. I didn't want to spend a ton and I didn't want to have to get a base coat, color, and top coat. I opted for their {Vernis Couleur Multi-Action} in Blanc N°3. I love it! It is tres naturel. Very sheer just like I wanted it and shiny! It goes on smoothly and it didn't clump. Phew! I liked it so much I just had to blog about it.

Another beauty update... I have a rendez-vous "appointment" at the coiffure "hair salon" tomorrow. Hmm... Here is what I'm thinking. Your thoughts please? Short notice, I know. Sorry!

1 comment:

Miss W. Yvonne said...

omg! i'm totally not bsing when i say i imagine that hair style on you! it's so classy! i like it! the bangs might be annoying though.. remember when you had bangs, and it grew back out and you just didn't know what to do with it? and it started flopping around insanely? yea.. it'll probably be like that haha! but i like the shags =)