07 March 2009

Gadget Overload

I'm back! from Negril... It was a much needed getaway with the beaming Jamaican sun and the warm waters of the Caribbean but I'm glad to be in the States again. However, sadly, I return sans my camera. It was lost to the chlorine demons of our resort pool. No matter, I'm not terribly upset. Just a bit of a shame. The good news is: time for a new camera! Huzzah! I was never too pleased with the quality of images that my Sony shot. I've been thinking of Canon ever since and have my eye on this...

Canon PowerShot SD790 IS

It's a 10 megapixel which is pretty standard these days. It has a few flaws. It only has a 3x optical zoom and the video capture apparently isn't so great, especially the sound. It's not as cool as the Nikon Coolpix which has the touchscreen viewer along with other fun features like doodling on your images. I happen to love their red S60 like the one Ashton Kutcher sports in their commercials. But to me, the quality of my images is most import along with the price. At $199.99 MSRP, it's not too bad since I can probably find it somewhere for cheaper. And I like this model because it has the 3" screen in back and it's design is sleeker than other Canon point and shoots.


Since before spring break, I was looking into getting some sort of camcorder. I'm a firm believer that videos can help you relive moments in life and photos don't always give you that same feeling. I had seen a promo for the Flip and thought it was quite nifty with its USB port that flips out and makes for an easy upload. It captures up to an hour of video and is compact and easy to use. Since the Canon I'm looking at doesn't have a strong video feature, I went to take another look. This JDK design is my favorite.

Simple and a good reminder for someone like me to keep her chin up. I actually saw this on woot.com one day for $79.99 and I'm kicking myself for not getting it. At the time, I had just bought all my snowboarding gear and figured my account could use a little rest. Steph brought one on our trip to Negril that she had gotten for Christmas and I got to see it in action. Especially after not having a working camera, I really wished that I had gotten the Flip.

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