14 March 2009

Melissa Sweet and Sexy

My roommate and I stopped by Shaw's grocery store after dinner at Legal Seafoods yesterday. I perused the latest Modern Bride while pushing the cart for C. I have to admit I started to miss the days when I spent hours poring over wedding magazines. I still check my favorite blogs but there is something about kicking back with a magazine and feeling informed/inspired that makes me believe that the magazine industry, even with all the new technologies of the world, can never completely disappear one day.

I saw an ad for the new Priscilla of Boston collections and there was one dress that I could not get out of my head. It's not the typical wedding gown but I love any dress with a great back. Here she is, flirty as can be, Melissa Sweet's Mari.

Made of silk shantung, this dress has an uber low cut back with the cutest bustle! What excuse could a girl like me find to where a dress like this? But with graduation right around the corner, think of how fun it would be to celebrate in this sexy yet classy outfit! Ah, I want!


Alli said...

sarah! hello hello :)
first xanga world, now on to the blogging world. i found your site via sk =)
see you around!

xo, allison r.

Lovely Diamonds said...

o0o i like this!

beautiful day said...



it's sorta similiar..hehe