13 June 2009

For the Love of Food

For another 6 weeks and couple of days, I am trying my best not to eat any meat. This isn't really for any religious or dietary reason. It's because I'd like to be supportive of a friend and share in the pains of not eating meat. I think I can be strong and go without for just a little while. I don't think I'll be perfect considering the traveling I'll be doing and the family gatherings I have to attend and while it won't make much of a difference, I hope the effort means something. It hasn't been too difficult as of yet. I don't really crave meat or eat it in large portions to begin with, it just gets a little hard because your food options are lessened greatly.

So today, I wanted to share a couple of food blogs that I love. One is a favorite of my roommate who is now in Shanghai and I believe she can no longer see the photos because Flickr is blocked in China. :( She's tried so many of her great recipes which all turn out lovely. It's a must visit, smitten kitchen. It even has a fun surprise me! link which randomly directs you to one of her delicious recipes. Her photos are so inspiring, even to the undomesticated kind, like myself.

Martha's Mac & Cheese

Something so great about the blogging community is that you are somehow attached to some of the blogs you read even if you may not know the author personally. When they share news of an engagement or relocation to a new home and in this blog's case, news of a baby on the way, you can't help but be really happy for them and it's exciting to follow their updates as well.

The next blog, I just found today on Snippet & Ink, it's called La Tartine Gourmande and just the name itself drew me to the site because my favorite dishes from France were les tartines! Another site with great photos, there are also gluten-free and vegetarian recipes. I love that everything looks not too indulgent and proportioned for a tummy like mine.

Tartelettes Aux Pommes et Aux Coings

{photos credited to blog authors}

Oh, and please do remind me to do updates from my past Restaurant Week adventures. I always tell myself to do so when I look at the notes I keep in my phone but they never seem to make it onto my blog!


SK said...

Make sure you're getting enough protein in your diet through other sources!! I've been wanting to make a truffle mac & cheese after seeing ina garten on food network make it... yum!

Alli said...

ooh yummy!
i love those two food blogs as well.
another i think you will enjoy is: http://cannelle-vanille.blogspot.com/
for the sweet tooth days :)

good luck with the no meat! and ditto to SK with getting enough protein. supplements work!