02 June 2009

Sexy Summer Suits

Summer is here and I saw a post on WeddingbeePRO that was not so wedding-related and it got me thinking about swim suits. It featured a retro one-piece much like this first suit. I love the shape, so classic, very Marilyn Monroe.

I began to realize how little we all wear when we go out to the beaches these days and how crazy women get trying to get in shape for summer. It's one of my goals to eat healthy and get in shape but not for the reason of looking good in a swim suit. While I'm young, I figured I have to start maintaining a better lifestyle that will help me stay fit as I get older.

While I don't see myself in these kinds of suits quite yet, I'm so glad that there are stylish options for all body types and ages. I tend to be extremely self conscious and critical about my body even when I am still lucky enough to be considered thin and walk around in skimpy suits myself. I would kill for a body like Adriana so I could look good in a glamorous suit like this. But wouldn't we all?

I've been wanting a one piece much like this last one and since it's on sale, I might get it. It's very modern and flattering with the cut outs at the waist. I think I would feel less exposed in something like this and yet still sexy for summer.

Photos courtesy of Victoria's Secret.

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SK said...

those are hot!!