19 November 2009

The Holidays Are Coming!

On my recent trip to Florida, I've had a lot of time to myself... waiting for the boyfriend to come home from work, sitting through a delayed flight due to the shitty Jersey weather... I picked up a few magazines to pass the time. I have always loved my magazines and found endless amounts of inspiration from them.

I found something today that really got me excited! Essie just released the sweetest shade of green for this holiday season! I can't wait to try new Minty Candy Apple! This color reminds me of my trip to Seoul this past May when S and I got manicures!

Photo Courtesy of Essie.com

AND, the kicker of the day is that Essie started a new blog just yesterday! Looking forward to reading her future posts! Learn more about the birth of Essie cosmetics and about the founder herself here: http://www.essie.com/essieblog/

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