20 November 2009

Secret Santa '09: Shoes!

You can see I've got the holidays on my mind with all of my posts. My girls and I always do a Secret Santa every year and recently, we decided to have themed gifts. Last year, we did hoodies and this year will be shoes. It makes it quite exciting knowing we will all have something that is the same yet unique to each of our personalities. I've been thinking of what shoes I need since I have enough black shoes, special occasion shoes and I finally bought the over the knee boots I've always wanted. Then I thought, hmm... I really need to treat my body better.

I'm sure we've heard of all the different leg toning sneakers there are these days. I know Sketcher has at least a couple of designs but I noticed that they are all kind of chunky and didn't seem all that appealing to me. Then I saw Reebok's EasyTone sneakers. It has a great design and comes in different styles and colors. Their tagline in the item description is "Get a better butt and and better legs with every step." Don't really know how it works but what woman wouldn't want a pair of these?

Photo Courtesy of Reebok.com

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